Buddy Bench

Southgate's Student Council is collecting bottle caps, plastic lids, and entire prescription bottles (labels removed) to "buy" a Buddy Bench for the playground.  A Buddy Bench is a magical bench that relieves loneliness. It helps kids find friends to play with at recess.

Please help us earn a Buddy Bench by sending in your plastic lids, caps and prescription bottles. We need 400 pounds in order to make a bench!!

Don't forget to check the

Roars for weekly information .

The students and staff of Southgate Public School wish to thank the citizens of Southgate for your support of our school! 

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Southgate urges you through Child Find, to give every child a chance to learn. 

If you have or know of a child who has a disability and is not receiving special help, please contact the Director of Special Education for Southgate Schools. (Click on the Faculty/Staff Info link on the left.)

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