SPS Graduates from the 1970's

  • Karen Beatsch Issler

  • Attended K-1 and 4th - 8th

  • SPS Graduation 1977

  • Graduated High School from Highlands in 1981

  • Favorite SPS memory....

    Too many to list
    The best part of Southgate School were the teachers....I still remember little things like a cake gets done a little girl finishes.  And Ms. Fannin's red rocking chair...Ms. Hickman's piano..Ms. Mason's music class...the list goes on
  • kaissler@gmail.com

  • Joyce Venneman

  • Attended K - 8th

  • SPS Graduation 1978

  • Graduated High School from Highlands in 1982

  • Favorite SPS memory....

    It's hard to pinpoint just one good memory after 9 years.  I loved decorating the library bulletin board for the different seasons my 8th grade year (of course the library isn't the library anymore) and when we had a special day when the entire school got to see a movie, the kind on reels.  Usually a Disney or 'horror' movie like 'Them' or 'The Blob'.  But the memory that sticks out the most is when a girl in our 8th grade class started up a petition for the girls to have a school basketball team. Up to that point only the boys had a team.  We got started so late in the year that we were only able to schedule one team, St. Therese.  We also bought our own 'uniforms'.  I was the point guard and scored two points.  We lost the game with the score being something like 20-10.  There's probably no written record of this game, but we all got a letter 'S' at the end of the year!
  • jevenn@yahoo.com
  • Robert Frazier Davis, Sergeant Major Retired - U.S. Army

  • Attended 1st - 8th (1963-1971)

  • SPS Graduation 1971

  • High School - Highlands/Newport HS

  • rdavis3971@hotmail.com

  • Favorite SPS memory....

I remember getting straight As in the 7th and 8th grades so I could get free tickets to the Reds games and playing the bass drum in the band.  I enjoyed music classes and playing baseball on the school field during recess.  Lastly, I could not wait for the school carnival every year to try to throw ping pong balls in the fish bowls to win a goldfish.  Those years were the greatest!