SPS Graduates from the 1960's

  • James "Jim" William Specht

  • K-8

  • Attended 1959-1968

  • SPS Graduation 1968

  • Graduated High School from Ft. Thomas Highlands in 1972

  • Favorite SPS memory....toss up between playing the bass drum in band wearing our fancy red and white uniforms (the hats had a feather in them), and playing Napoleon Solo from the TV show "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." in our 8th grade play (I was the man from U.N.C.L.E. and got to die onstage).  It was a very edgy production and went over very well with everyone involved, as I recall.

  • jspecht@insightbb.com

  • Linda Finney Ostrow

  • K-8

  • Attended 1954-1962

  • SPS Graduation 1962

  • Graduated High School from Clearwater (FL) High School in 1966

  • Favorite SPS memory: ... too many fond memories to state.  However, I distinctly remember as an 8th grader, getting free lunch if we washed the dishes.  My mother was WAY too frugal to pass up this deal so a few of us 8th graders washed all the lunch dishes.....can you imagine?  That would NEVER fly today!

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